Never be afraid of what you want


“Thinkingboho is a brand for those who are versatile, optimistic, in love with vintage and not afraid of colors.”

The Bohemian spirit reflects in every piece and is characterized by a signature blend of vintage-inspired elements and textures with a mix of vibrant colours. These elegant pieces are the distinctive reflection of bohemian style with an artistic approach – so that each design has a one-off feel about it, making every customer feel like an individual.

Thinking Boho speaks to people from all walks of life and encapsulates the label’s true bohemian spirit and adventurous lifestyle.

"It's never too late"

Munazza Qasim, an art expressionist from Vancouver, Canada, with about two decades in Communication Arts, graduated from one of South Asia's leading art institutions, the "Karachi School of Arts". She focuses on the vision of ages in art, and the charismatic beauty of vibrant colours in Nature, appealing eloquence in perspective, emphasising the depth of tones in visual expression.

After graduating from Karachi School of Arts in 1999 with a degree in Visual Arts & Graphic Design, she worked in the Advertising Industry for most of her career – during which she ventured into painting, ceramics, and fashion accessories, including jewellery design, leather handbags & clothing.

Artist Statement:

“A constant urge exists through time to experience something different in life. My passion for exploring perspectives in simplicity led me to augment visuals into emerging art. My work is a result of furthering familiar visuals into creative mediums.

I am entranced by colours which are the source of my satisfaction, nourishing my soul. Every visual around us is worth exploring for meaning. Walls, pole wires, grungy metal, buildings, letters, hieroglyphics, and asemic writing, intrigue me and inspire my creativity. My art is my imagination, insight, and the story’s narration in layers, in shapes—-a reflective vision of my thoughts.”